Solajet H-4 (HOME UNIT)
Solajet H-4
The Solajet Cs2 Commercial 1.5 Hp Pump
Price: $5,900.00

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Sloajet H-4 HOME UNIT ; Many Color Options

The SolaJet H-4™ DRYWAVE™ Massage System is a breakthrough in home massage.


SolaJet puts you in complete control. With the simple-to-use remote control, you determine the intensity, area, temperature and duration of your massage. You can even choose an automated massage from a menu and select the temperature, creating the perfect session.

A 10 minute session feels so good, but more time can be even more beneficial. In a hurry? A five minute treatment for a sore spot will do wonders. Better yet, spend an hour without distractions and feel renewed and relieved. No disrobing or getting wet means anytime is a perfect time for a SolaJet session.

H-4 Specs

  • Rugged full length tub
  • Variable pressure controll
  • Delus Padded Side Rails
  • Custom preset programs
  • Variable speed controll
  • Zone adjustments




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